Monday, 29 August 2011

The Athletic World Championships are taking place amidst a certain amount of controversy. We have seen some top athletes being disqualified for false starting. The biggest surprise being Usain Bolt, did his fellow team mate twitch enough to set him off?? One thing I do know is that when it comes to getting out of the starting blocks our new hens are dab hands. They are not afraid of a little pushing. Yes they are enjoying plenty of fresh air and freedom. At the end of the day, like Jessica Ennis after day 1 of competition in the heptathlon, they are ready for bed.

Do you remember those school sports days when there was the good old wheelbarrow race?? Well we have a very good wheelbarrow, made by a company called Tolo. We have recently got it in so I thought I would tell you a little about them.

Tolo, have the catch phrase Trust Tolo. They were established in 1985 and are a British owned company. Their head office is in Hong Kong. The company promote fair labour throughout the supply chain as well as being ethically accountable regarding manufacturing and its social and environmental impact. They also hold certificates for consistent superb quality standards.

We have the wheelbarrow and a selection of garden tools in stock. Tolo’s tools are not only just fun and educational, but they are also real gardening tools that have been custom made to suit children. Each design is lightweight and easy to manage but has all the practicality and durability of high-quality adult gardening tools. Children love to be involved in the garden and see things grow, to be responsible for their own little plot. However big this is. Being outdoors teaches them about nature, the different animals and insects that live there. It is hard work so it will tire them out and there is no greater satisfaction than eating something you have sown, nurtured and harvested. A sense of pride. Just what Jess will feel when she stands on the podium to receive her medal.

Here's hoping, Julie

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