Saturday, 6 August 2011


We have some new additions to the farm, twelve to be exact!! These are of the feathered variety. They have settled in well, but unfortunately for the time being they will have to remain inside. They will be free range and will have the run of the place, so they could turn up anywhere!! As soon as the rape crop in the neighbouring field is combined we will be able to let them out. The foxes are hiding in the rape and are very grateful for an easy, convenient meal, which is why we are keeping our new hens safe inside for now. Not quite your Pizza in front of a film on the television on a Saturday night, but who knows!!
At the moment our combine is tucked up in the shed ready for action after having its annual makeover following a long rest since last harvest time. Not that we want it to look its best; more we don't want it to break down within the first hour. At this time of year you become obsessed with the weather, every waking moment you are either thinking about it, watching the weather forecast or looking at a computer prediction for the next five days. When the sun does shine, (on the law of averages it cannot rain continually) you are truly relieved and ready for action. Here's our Wow, Harvey Harvester Combine, he will not break down, and he does not depend on the right climatic conditions. If only we could all do our combining from the comfort of our living rooms!!!

If the next time you see us we have weather symbols in front of our eyes, you know why!! I will keep you up to date with our progress . Julie

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