Thursday, 28 July 2011


We have recently had a delivery of toys from a company called Big. So I thought I would tell you a little bit about them.

The company logo is the Big Buffalo. You will always be able to recognise any Big toy because it will have a black bull with red horns on the box. Reflecting the toys being strong, robust, and resilient. The toys are manufactured at Burghaslach in Germany. On the front of the factory is the buffalo logo which from horn to horn measures 42 meters.

The main raw material used is polyethylene (PE). It is light in weight, very resistant, so your little ones can really have fun on it, and it will not come to harm if it is left outside in the sun ( I'm hopeful) or rain. It is also environmentally friendly. Big toys promote the development of motor skills, balance and imagination. Several years ago Jurgen Kramer, Professor of Orthopaedics at St. Joseph's hospital acknowledged "The Big Bobby Car promotes healthy development of the hips due to the splayed leg position. After treating a dislocated hip with a spica cast, we recommend placing the child on a Bobby Car."

We have a selection of Bobby Cars, trailers, Bobby Bikes, tractors, go karts and a fork lift truck, to mention but a few. As well as those accessories that make playing on a pretend road as real as possible. Including traffic lights, cones, road signs and security gates. These encourage children to be aware of road safety in a fun way. They can fill up with fuel without it costing you a fortune and you can guarantee they will never run out of petrol. By the end of the day they may hopefully have run out of steam and be ready for bed.

I have a combine to catch, will speak again soon, Julie

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