Monday, 5 September 2011


Our Yorkshire lass just missed out on a gold medal, but like all good things the athletics came to an end. The same could be said for the summer holidays. The little, and not so little ones are back to school, as are our students who have been helping out over the summer. They are back to University for their final year, but for many this is a new start.

There is still a small amount of combining to be finished, hopefully before we get any more rain. The bailer has been working nearly night and day, and we are leading bails at the moment. As soon as this is finished we will be ready to start ploughing, and the cycle begins again.

I appreciate not all of you will have had the opportunity to visit our shop, and will not have seen what we have on display outside for your little ones to try. Unfortunately my photographic skills are limited, but here is a section of our outdoor display.

I was thinking about the shop and how it varies throughout the year. During March we are busy building our display for outside, often in the snow, wind and rain. We're a hardy lot! The Toy fairs are just before this. Usually we go to London and Germany to see what new toys are going to be introduced over the coming year. We are still getting new products in now, an example of this was the Little Tikes Cozy Cab that we got in for the first time a few weeks ago. Between now and dare I say it Christmas (it seems a long way away) we will be having regular deliveries. The sledges will be ordered, and the debate as to whether we can have another winter like last year will go on until the last possible minute. Santa will have visited, a New Year celebrated, stock taking completed and we have come full cycle.

No time to dilly dally, till next time. Julie

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erm... said...

Nice to hear the cycle of the toy shop in one swoop, looking forward to following the week by week with you along the way. Can't wait to see what comes out from the Toy Fairs at the beginning of the year!