Monday, 19 September 2011


Just testing how good your memory is, do you remember in one of the first blogs I wrote I said we had 17.5 children among us? Well we now have 18! Rob is a proud Dad. He has a beautiful baby boy, Alfie-John Michael. Weighing in at 6lb 13oz, arriving early, he obviously heard we had some new baby toys in stock and just wanted to check them out. His first stop on leaving hospital was not home, but Adventure Toys.

The other hot news is that we are having an Open Evening on Thursday 27th October, from 6.30pm to 9.00pm. You are all welcome, please come along, bring a friend. We have invited a number of fellow small businesses to come and show you a selection of their produce as in the case of Roots, and Lewis and Cooper are bringing wine for you to taste. We also have some soft furnishings for sale as well as Hats for every occasion. I will keep you posted, or better still keep up to date with us on facebook. You may just be inspired. Better still pop the date on your calender, or in your diary. All being well we will have some new toys in for you to see.

Talking of new toys. Do you remember Ambi? They are ideal baby and toddler toys. Made of plastic, but with a deep shine that just lasts and lasts. They have stood the test of time, many of you will recognise them when you see them. I still have the sunshine smiley faces that my children had and they don't look like they have been played with, they are still as good as new. Instead of being used as a rattle it is now an executive stress toy!! See what you think. Hazel's grandson is certainly going to find one or two in his stocking.

Till next time, Julie.

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