Sunday, 10 June 2012


I hope you all enjoyed the Queens Diamond Jubilee Celebrations. I found myself supping sherry with scrummy cheese scones and cake! It was good to catch up with people I had not seen in a while.

It got me thinking about families and how we remember events in our lives. Having children provides a time line for us that enables us to remember events by, Births, Christenings, First Birthdays, starting School, sitting exams significant Birthdays and Graduations to name but a few of the landmarks. I can always work out how old Phillip is because my daughter insisted on cutting his Christening cake and she was a headstrong two and I just wanted to crawl under the table! Why do they say its parents that embarrass their children?

One of the really nice parts of being involved with a toy shop is that you get to see families grow over the years. New mums coming in with babe in arms, back for their first Birthday present, and then there is Christmas. You get to know them, to see them develop, to hear about their achievements. The best part is when the little one comes back as a proud parent!

Time never stands still, so I'd better get moving. Till next time. Julie

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