Sunday, 8 July 2012


I have dragged myself away from the tennis final in the hope that the black cloud that is threatening may just give me a chance to write this. It may also safeguard my fingers that are being chewed to the bone. Marray managed to be the wild card that was the first Britain to win the men's doubles all be it with a Dane for a hell of along time. Hopefully Murray will continue to fight his way and do the same. It seems to be a week for firsts, Bradley Wiggins has the yellow jersey in the Tour de France and we this week will have been Blogging and Face booking for a whole year!

When we started I could not envisage a year down the line. If anyone asked me what would alter in that year I would probably say we would consolidate what we were doing. No way in our wildest dreams did we see us taking on TP and a host of new staff to go with it. This week we have a chap coming from TP to identify those crates that have an array of bits that were created in the Dark Ages. We are hopeful that some may be found an alternative home, as harvest is rapidly arriving and corn will be taking over the shed. It could resemble one of those treasure hunts on a giant scale!

Thank you to all of you who have read, supported and inspired us during this year. It has been appreciated and I shan't guess what this next year may bring. I shall head back to see if Andy is winning, there is nothing wrong with positive thought. Till next time, Julie.

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