Sunday, 27 May 2012


What beautiful weather!  How nice it is to feel warm again. After the rain, everything is looking vibrant and refreshed. The fields look like a giant patchwork quilt in a myriad of greens and yellows with tractors trundling up an down like toys on a mat. Each has a role to play in creating this hive of industry.

That's what we must look like from above. We have had a very busy week and have seen some old faces return to work with us as well as some new ones. Everyone seems to be in a perpetual state of motion, and no its not just going round in circles. We are getting to grips with TP and are more able to conclude what the customer wants. A TP trampoline that is 14 foot is a good place to start, but that is where the detective work begins. How long the customer has had it? How many springs does it have? These are all questions that help us determine the right one. That is before we work out which part is actually needed. In some cases it is quite straight forward, as in the case of a bed or a net. Other times when it is a nut and bolt it can be quite tricky. Sometimes the customer knows exactly what they have and what they need which is fantastic and a sigh of relief flutters through the office.We are all on a steep learning curve. One thing I can say with certainty is the whole team is doing there very best to get the right item out as quickly as possible. The only team member who is completely unfazed by the whole procedure is Bruce, he's usually found asleep soaking up the sunshine after a night on the tiles!

I hope you all enjoy the sunshine and that it lasts a little bit longer. Till next time, Julie

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