Monday, 7 May 2012


I hope you are enjoying your bank holiday. I am keeping you on your toes, at the moment there is no guessing when the blog will be written. This may not be a good thing, but we cannot be accused of being predictable. Don't get me wrong, predictable can be very good, for instance when you go to look for a toy for a customer and you know exactly where it is.

No two weeks are ever the same at Adventure Toys and sometimes they are sprinkled with lovely surprises. This week we were featured in Mums Baby Magazine.
Outdoor play is crucial for children of all ages. Being outside enables children to access sunlight and fresh air. Recent studies show that children in the UK are significantly lacking in vitamin D, an essential vitamin sourced from the sunlight which is hugely beneficial to our health. Therefore it is vital that parents and carers promote outdoor play and activities to children.

Mums Baby Magazine also reviewed the Little Tikes 30th Anniversary Turtle Sandbox, Here is a small sample of what they had to say.

Mums Baby Magazine put the Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox 30th Anniversary Edition to the test with one of our little sunshine’s. We placed the sandpit outdoors and found that it took roughly two bags of play sand to fill the Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox (30th Anniversary Edition), we then added luke warm water (with added glitter) into the mote along with the squirty turtles and some general sand toys such as buckets, spades, rakes and such like. We ensured that the lid was securely attached to the main sand pit with the provided string. This however took up extra space and we found that removing the lid was actually better as it could then be stored upright out of the way during play to make full use of outdoor space. The Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox (30th Anniversary Edition) is an ideal sand box for small gardens or back yards and accommodates two to three small children during play.

Little Tikes Turtle 30th Anniversary

We give the Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox 30th Anniversary Edition 9/10.

If you want to read the whole article, use this link. Mums Baby Magazine. Till next time have a good week, Julie

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