Wednesday, 1 February 2012


The girls returned safe and sound having walked their little socks off. Brim full of new ideas and new toys that they had seen. As with the best military manoevers an army marches on its stomach, and our fair maids are no different. Breakfast was bacon butties courtesy of British Rail, while a plan of action was hatched and the troops briefed.

As you can see the Toy Fair at Olympia covers quite an area. There are no short cuts, and a systematic approach works best. You may miss something of vital importance!

TP Toys have been taken over by Mookie Toys, they developed the Swingball. It was nice to meet the team and hear some of their plans. It looks like they are going to continue with most of the lines that TP had, and are progressing with the Castlewood Range which will be arriving in March/April. We are quite excited about these.

A company that caught their eye sold garden games with Shaun The Sheep!! Home from home! When all this became too much there were masseurs on hand to ease away the tension.

A spot of market research was conducted in a top London store. They were very eager to reassure us that our prices were far more competitive by a good ten pounds!! By the end of all this there were four very tired ladies.

Until next week, take care, Julie.

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