Wednesday, 22 February 2012


The days are lengthening and dare I say it getting warmer!! Spring is hopefully round the corner and it will not be long until we have our first lambs. Watch this space, or face book for a picture.

The first Saturday in March is when we historically hold our sale. This year is going to be slightly different. We are having our sale on Saturday 3rd March. The only day in the whole year that we open at 9.00am instead of 10.00am. Those of you who have been before will know that all the display outside will be cleared (hopefully, we are brilliant at packing cars and modest with it!). Tickets are issued as you arrive (deli style!) so items are sold on a first come first served basis, making it as fair as possible. I am afraid you do have to cross our threshold to purchase the display items. Just in case you cannot remember what our display looks like here is a reminder.

There will also be lots of other toys not just the display items to tempt you. Drum roll!! The big difference this year is that we are holding an Internet sale as well, especially for you, our valued Internet customers. This will start a day later on the Sunday. It will not include display items. So all you bargain hunters, be ready on your starting blocks.

Enjoy the heatwave! Julie

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