Monday, 5 December 2011


Saturday dawned, there was no snow and the forecast was not too terrible, so no reason to not to go to Northallerton for market day.

Bright eyed, Lou arrived on the market inspectors doorstep at 7.50am to see if we could have a stall for the day. Rumour had it that if you were there for 8.00 you stood a good chance of getting a pitch. We were third in line, but feeling hopeful. By 8.30 we had been allocated a plot, which was just outside Boys, sandwiched between picture frames and hoovers. Lou, Maureen, Neil, Tom and I sprang into action. We had the gazebo assembled, carpet laid (to protect the toys from being scratched, nothing to do with keeping us warm!) Toys were unloaded out of the van arranged and ready for customers before you could blink. Maureen and Tom departed for breakfast, Neil had some sheep to see, leaving Lou and I to brave the elements.
We were ready to face anything, armed with coffee in one hand and a mince pie in the other. As I have always been told, an army marches on its stomach!! (which is probably why I'm not five foot nine and a size zero).We had brought an assortment of toys, the Little Tikes Mobile was built and was catching peoples eye. One little boy was in the car, safety belt on and being pushed down the high street with his bottle safely tucked away in the bonnet before we could pocket his money. The dolls house was also drawing admiring looks. Every time it rained we ushered people in to keep dry. No, no similarity to a Venus fly trap!! We met some lovely people, some who were local, some who had moved to the area recently, and many who had just come through for the day.

Time flew by and before long it was 4.30pm. We had had gusts of wind, showers, sunshine and several laughs. We had introduced ourselves to the local inhabitants and reminded them that we were just down the road and had they visited the shop? When asked if we would be there next week we were suitably non committal. Our knight in shining armour came to help us pack up as the cold was beginning to set in. All in all a good day!! Julie

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