Tuesday, 29 November 2011


One more day and we will be opening the doors on our advent calenders. If your children are like mine they will want a pretty picture and chocolate, and no they don't want the same one as last year! Which means in 27 days it will all be over!

The Container arrived on Thursday and was unloaded in a record time of 34mins 29seconds. The guys thought they would have the rest of the day to put it all away, but no,they had a wagon load of spares to sort!!! No time to waste, it must have been the promise of the Christmas Party that spurred them on!

Before the end of this week we have a load of tractors from Falk coming in. These will make ideal Christmas presents and as an added bonus they are reduced, which will make them doubly attractive. They will be in all sizes and a selection of colours. Just give an eye to our website for more details, or our facebook page.

This weekend we are embarking on a new venture, entering uncharted waters so to speak. Our nearest town is Northallerton, and it holds a market in the High Street twice a week on a Wednesday and a Saturday. This Saturday we are looking to take a stall, and exhibit a selection of our toys. That's as long as it doesn't snow, otherwise we may have a change of heart, we can't risk the toys getting wet!!

If you don't hear from me next week I have been seconded to help Santa and his elves. Julie

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