Monday, 7 November 2011


The adrenaline has subsided and the shed has been restored to its former glory. We are no longer finding things in strange places so you could say everything is back to normal. Or as normal as it gets. Halloween and Bonfire night have been and gone and we seem to be continually reminded that Christmas is just round the corner. Looking out at the frosty morning I am more likely to believe it is on its way. Nothing like a blast of cold air to focus the grey matter.

Since I have mentioned the dreaded word I may as well continue. Dolls houses make fantastic Christmas Presents. One of my favourites is made by a company called Hape, made out of bamboo and birch plywood.

This one comes with solar panels and a moveable staircase. You buy the frame and then choose the furniture, just like a real home, but a fraction of the price!!

We do have a selection of other houses to suit taste and pocket, some are made by a company called Plan. One that we particularly like is the Victorian dolls house

Here is a bit of information about Plan. Plan create toys that inspire children's imagination as well as promote their physical and intellectual development. Proving that it is possible to maintain superior quality standards while steadfastly following a path of environmental and social responsibility. All Plan Toys are made with clean, natural rubberwood from rubber trees which no longer produce latex. To keep the rubberwood pure, no fertilizer is added to the soil for three years before the trees are cut. To strengthen the wood, Plan Toys use a special chemical-free kiln drying process. They are assembled using a certified E-Zero glue in place of traditional toxic wood glue. Plan use only safe, non-toxic water-based dyes on all of their toys. Soy and water-based inks are used on their printed materials. These inks are more readily biodegradable and can be recycled more efficiently than standard chemical ink.

Have a look and see what you think. Rumour has it they are threatening snow for the end of the month. If you don't hear from me next week I have either hibernated or got a cheap flight some where warm!! Julie

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