Tuesday, 13 December 2011


The countdown to Christmas has begun. Our Christmas party is booked and we are fending off colds with satsumas, anything to keep our vitamin C levels up!!! I thought I'd read somewhere that chocolate has the same properties, or is that wishful thinking!! I did have plans to share a friendship recipe with you, being the season of goodwill and sharing. The idea of a group of friends feeding a base culture,sharing the mix and then making a cake really appealed at this time of year. Spot the fatal flaw in my plan!!! How do I get a starter culture??and how do I get it out to you all??

Last week our boss headed south to Milton Keynes for a meeting with the European Managing Director of Little Tikes. They had an opportunity to see prototypes for new toys in the development stage, as well as those that will be on the shelves come the Spring. They came back quite excited. There are some fantastic products coming through as well as the old familiar ones, so watch this space. We will try and tell you about them as they come through.

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