Monday, 24 October 2011


Congratulations to New Zealand, Rugby World Cup Winners. Not that I doubted it for a minute, but I was heard to be cheering on the French as they went for their try. You have to encourage the under dogs, and they did put up one hell of a fight. I never expected the score to be so close. Talk of close, our Open Evening is approaching at great speed and all the staff are all beavering away. The weather is so unpredictable that we have rethought the idea of a marquee. No, I'm not saying anything other than you need not worry about your heels getting stuck in the grass and you will not need your thermals!! You'll just have to come along and see.

Coming along on the evening as well as the ones I told you about last week, we have, Roots Farm Shop. They have promised us some festive tasters as well as bringing a selection of festive gift ideas. I hope we have time to nip home for tea first or if you're not there early I can't guarantee there will be many left.

Nicky from Get Ahead Hats, is bringing a selection of hats for us to try as well as a variety of accessories. Dressing up for us instead of the kids!! You never know when you might need one.

Karen Portsmouth, Practitioner of Life Alignment for the past 5 years, and now also a practitioner of Home Alignment. Life Alignment is a means of gently accessing and releasing the effects of unresolved experiences and traumas as well as limiting beliefs and negative programming. She will have her plinth (work bed) with her and will be happy to give short sessions, or to discuss any of the work that I do.Adventure and play are both such vital ingredients in our lives.

We originally had just the six rural businesses coming, but like Topsy it has grown, by half as much again. So we now welcome Louise Drummond, a seamstress. She will do any alterations you want, or make anything from curtains to wedding dresses.

Anita Turnbull is a Beauty Consultant, and has a vast experince working years in the beauty industry. On Thursday she is coming armed with her makeup bag and is happy to do makeovers as well as answering questions. Her husband Howard may be coming along too. He is a joiner and has just set up his own business.

You know where I am going to be on Thursday evening. No excuses, there is nothing of merit on the television, so come and join us. We would love to meet you. A tipple in one hand, a taster in the other, and Christmas presents solved what more could you ask for??

Next week I'll tell you how it all went. Till then I think there will be plenty to do, see you all on Thursday, Julie.

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