Monday, 17 October 2011


There has been some debate about my saying the rugby was safe in the hands of the Welsh. Unfortunately we now have a final consisting of the French and New Zealand sides. Wales battled on and very nearly succeeded. There will be the usual lively exchange as to whether the Irish referee, with a French father, should have refered to the fourth referee before sending off the Welsh Captain. Everyone will have their own view, that's what makes us unique. Imagine what it would be like if we all thought the same. Ok, there are those occasions when we can't always make our minds up. For instance when we are faced with the tricky decision of whether to go with a gooey chocolate praline dessert or sticky toffee pudding. Or in the boys case, whether it is a caramel rocky or a penguin. They have had so many they can now guess which joke will be on the packet! Sorry it seems a long time since breakfast!!

In the case of our Open Night it is more likely to be we will try them all, especially Lewis and Coopers wine tasting. There is a rumour that they may just bring some of their prize wining Christmas pudding! So far everything seems to be going to plan. Who else do we have coming? Braithwaite's are a family business based at Leeming Bar......On the evening they will be providing a demonstration of tree grafting, a selection winter baskets and planters, ideas for Christmas door wreaths and Holly wreaths, fresh flower Christmas decorations for tables, a selection of trees, shrubs and roses suitable for gifts and a gardening quiz with prizes! We also have Pink Owl Designs popping in. Jess designs and hand makes a selection of soft furnishings, cards and gifts using unique fabrics. She has just come back from Thailand, and Cambodia weighed down with material, so we can expect something very special and a little different.

Next week I will tell you a little about the other small businesses that are sharing their skills and produce with us. What we all have in common is that we are passionate about what we do. Until then, keep warm and dry, Julie

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