Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Where are the weeks disappearing to? It does not seem five minutes since I was writing last weeks blog. Since then the England rugby team are out of the World Cup and all our hopes are now in the safe hands of the Welsh. Sowing is also finished and our attention has turned to the sheep. The tups (male sheep) have been introduced to the ewes, so hopefully come next spring we will hear the patter of little hooves.
Last Friday the American container arrived bringing a wondrous selection of Little Tikes toys. Some were new things we have not seen before (roll and pop vacuum cleaner), others are firm favourites such as the work benches, table and chairs, and lil wagon. The boys were kept busy for most of the day putting it all away. They certainly didn't have any problem sleeping that night. Today it is a case of remembering where everything is stored. One of the items that is very popular is the original police car complete with light and walkie talkie Talking of which I had better go and prepare one for being dispatched.
Have a good week, until next time, Julie.

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