Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Our first day of TP spares and so far so good. We have finished building shelves and are about to start filling them with the various parts. Bobby is rapidly coming to terms with the many trampolines as he puts them away, but he can't believe there have been so many!!

I thought I would share with you one of our more unusual requests for Little Tikes spare parts.

Please can you help with my despair

before I pull out ALL my hair.

The doorbell on my Grandson's 'house'

has gone as quiet as a mouse.

Despite new batteries and a clean

it makes no sounds, not a bean

And now when friends come to call

they get no answer, none at all.

'Is he out again' they say

and find another place to play.

To save the tears and save the day

the doorbell has been thrown away.

A 'knock' sign hangs above the door

but friends can't read, they're only four!

So I ask with all my heart

can you replace the missing part?

With your help I'm pretty sure

friends will return to the 'Magic Door'

How could we refuse such a fantastic request for a doorbell for the Magic Doorbell Playhouse that made us all smile and brightened up our day?

I hope it made you smile too. Till next week, Julie

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