Thursday, 12 April 2012


I hope you all had a good Easter and chocolate passed your lips in one form or another. Since we are no longer in Lent, fasting has ceased and there are no spare chocolate biscuits. Don't get the wrong idea, we are not totally preoccupied by the brown stuff!

As from the middle of next week we will be sending out spare parts on behalf of TP. It feels like we are receiving deliveries daily from TP as they send us all the nuts, bolts and pieces of timber and metal we will need to fulfill the task. These will have to be clearly identified, as I'm afraid one nut looks very much like another.

The office is being rearranged to cater for the avalanche of paper that will ensue in the form of orders, manuals and labels that will be needed. A new office is being created for the spares team so hopefully by next week they will have electricity. Hey, they won't have time to sit down. At the moment the spares are still coming and we have not got the ones we have sorted and found homes for. It is a good job we are well on with lambing. Will we make it by next week............... but of course, but there may be a national shortage of chocolate!! Keep your fingers crossed for us and I'll let you know what happens!! Julie

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