Wednesday, 2 December 2015

The Countdown begins

So we begin the countdown to Christmas 2015.  Christmas is very much about traditions that have been handed down over the years from family to family.  From pulling crackers, to leaving food out for Father Christmas and his reindeer's, every family has their traditions, yet not everyone has the same ones.  In the same street you will find people following different traditions over the festive period.  When do you decorate your tree, as soon as December arrives or the first week before Christmas.  What do you leave out for Father Christmas, a mince pie and a glass of sherry or a pint of stout?  Do you have any unusual traditions, of your own?  If you do then please share them with us.

When you venture abroad, then their traditions are even more varied.  Here are some from around the world that you could incorporate into your own festive fun.

In Canada they have Cookie baking parties, where each person takes along their favourite Christmas cookie recipe to bake and then exchanges them with their friends.

Not sure how the Czech Republic tradition of ringing a bell after Christmas dinner to announce that Father Christmas has visited and left all the presents under the tree would go down, but it means no more being woken at the crack of dawn by excited children, desperate to open their stockings.

Some of you may already have a crib among your Christmas decorations, but the French tradition takes it a little bit further by including figures not usually associated in a nativity scene, such as policemen, butchers and bakers.

In Finland it is traditional to include animals in the Festivities and give them gifts.  They hang nuts and suet on the trees so the birds can also join in.

In Nova Scotia they have the Secret Santa, not like the one we have at Adventure Toys where we draw names out of a hat, to see who we buy a present for.  The Nova Scotia Custom is to dress up as Father Christmas and pop round to your friends houses and they have to guess who it is that has dressed up as Father Christmas!!

Father Christmas dropped in the shop yesterday to try on his outfit.  Does anybody know who this member of staff is??

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