Tuesday, 20 March 2012


The glorious weather has encouraged us to keep building toys for the display. Bobby has assembled the TP slides and is putting together a challenger frame as I write this. Meanwhile Rob is trying to keep up with the demand for cars. I'm not sure that he is up to the speed of a formula one engineer yet, but he's heading in the right direction, either that or he is going round in circles.
Some spare parts have come in and we are trying to process them as quickly as possible as well as keep up with orders. You have also been caught by the Spring clean bug and are wanting to sort your own toys ready for your little ones to play on, so are keeping us on our toes.
Lambing is in full flow, and some of the pets have taken up residence in a Little Tikes playhouse. Who said toys could not be multi purpose!!! There are a few bleary eyes and weary expressions. Not surprising considering there have been some very late finishes as the sheep continue lambing through the night and going to bed blurs with getting up again.
Spring is officially here and this weekend sees the clocks go forward, I won't remind them they will get an hour less in bed, they maybe won't notice! Till next week, Julie.

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